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Rebranding a luxury mattress company to reflect their past and their future.

Kingsdown is truly unique – an employee-owned company with more than 100 years of history crafting luxury products that also boasts the most advanced sleep diagnostic technology and the first and only pro-active mattress in the industry. We fully rebranded the company to communicate both their focus on quality and artistry and their commitment to advancing sleep technology. Their logo, tagline, personality, colors, product line identities and all communications thereof, were updated to reflect the new strategy and positioning. The new brand identity was launched at Las Vegas Market in January 2015 with a fully redesigned and redecorated showroom space and a fully redesigned and redeveloped website at Kingsdown.com.

Challenging buyers to think differently about mattress shopping, and about Kingsdown.

We developed a series of direct mail pieces to attract mattress industry executives and buyers to the Kingsdown showroom for Vegas Market, communicating the Kingsdown difference in the new brand voice with thought provoking messages.

Crafting a product story grounded in truth and transparency.

Kingsdown developed the first luxury mattress with a transparent farm to home product story – pure, organic materials sourced domestically and combined to deliver naturally luxurious sleep. We created the brand identity, photography and collateral to reflect this unique story.