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Delivering an effective direct mail program that communicates the brand promise.

Direct mail and inquiry print are key drivers of customer acquisition for TruGreen. Customer insights inspired us to use imagery that showed people enjoying their lawns, but not too descriptively – images in which they could see themselves. We focused on the benefits of TruGreen service and incorporated our aptly named “TruStories” – true customer testimonials submitted online. The redesigned direct mail and inquiry print delivered outstanding results in service activations, and they outscored the prior pieces at every measure in consumer research.

Collateral that shows a brand’s true colors.

Our first assignment with TruGreen was consulting on their brand relaunch. Once the new brand was in place, TruGreen also required a complete overhaul of their extensive collateral program, from lawn signs to door hangers, service inserts and brochures. With more than 250 branches across the country, they also needed collateral that was simple to organize so field technicians could easily pull the right pieces at the right time. We designed a color-coded program that brought the new brand personality to life.