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Creating buzz for Wake Forest on campus and online.

The Wake Forest Master of Arts (MA) in Management is a ten-month program specifically designed for recent liberal arts, sciences or engineering graduates. Since it’s a non-traditional program, we deployed non-traditional tactics to promote it at six different universities. The buzz campaign included the custom-fabricated “Opportunity Knocks” door, a series of 7’ standees, and a coaster program implemented both on and off-campus. We tied promotional giveaways to program graduates who now work in corporate jobs for those product manufacturers. We had no awareness metrics going in to the campaign, but we did have site traffic data for the program-specific web site. By analyzing traffic to the site before, during and after the campaign, and adding digital tracking elements to each piece produced, we measured a 505% increase in site traffic during the campaign.

Using digital tools for learning that delivers results.

We partnered with the Wake Forest School of Business to reach new prospects and attract the right students to the right graduate programs. Using a mixture of demographic and psychographic data, we designed a digital campaign that leverages a variety of channels and messages to reach these targets, constantly refining tactics, channels and messages. Building a long-term digital strategy will help their communications become increasingly effective over time. After all, digital media is inherently a test and learn environment – what could be a more appropriate, or efficient, strategic approach for an institution of higher learning?