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Drawing inspiration from the source for an identity & communications refresh.

When Well·Spring decided to refresh their brand, they wanted to make sure the logo and brand story underwent an evolution rather than a revolution, remaining grounded in their core values. Bluezoom built the new identity from the existing foundation, opening the graphic element in the logo so the ripples in the water are not confined. The symbolism in the design now connects more directly to the name, and reflects the vibrancy of their organization and the community they serve.

After updating the Well·Spring logo and tagline, we produced new photography and all new collateral designed to introduce prospective residents and their families to the well-appointed residences, outstanding amenities and range of services available there, emphasizing the myriad choices and personalization that set it apart.

While the advertising could also communicate the exceptional lifestyle that Well·Spring affords, it seemed more compelling to celebrate some of the individuals who chose Well·Spring for that reason. These residents are continuing their exceptional lifestyles at Well·Spring, making their neighborhood and the broader community more vibrant as a result.